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"Insanity of the Obsessed"
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"[WARFACE's] 'Insanity of the Obsessed'...One of the genre's most talked about releases of the year! After building a name for themselves in the metalcore-happy SoCal region, expect this band to emerge in the North American extreme music sweepstakes."

"[WARFACE] offers up some of the finest Death Metal America has to offer with their debut disc 'Insanity of the Obsessed'.
- PIT Magazine

"Pantera has a song on Cowboys from Hell called 'The Art of Shredding,' and it is difficult not to think of that phrase in the context of the fiery guitar hero riffs and solos of Warface's Laura Christine. Christine's guitar tone makes neck hairs stand at attention, and her soloing is as much about feeling as it is accomplished musicianship."
- OUTBURN Magazine

"[WARFACE's] latest pure death foray is "Insanity of the Obsessed" and, in 2006, Death Metal ain't coming purer than this."
- BW & BK Magazine

"[WARFACE]... one of Death Metal's fiercest up and comers... Driven by the savage riffery of Ms. Christine and inspired by the likes of Slayer, Morbid Angel, and Pantera, Warface delivers their own brand of U.S. Death Metal which carries with it a level of brutality matched by few. If ever there was an example of hard work paying off, this is it, as Warface are set to make quite an impact on the Metal world."
- RUIN Magazine

"Easily the most imaginative and musically ambitious Death Metal release of the year... What separates Warface from virtually every other lesser-known yet highly talented Death Metal act out there? Hooks. Miles and miles of ridiculously barbed and jagged hooks delivered with a precision so many groups of such ilk strive for yet so few truly attain. Just when you think the group is about to relinquish its ice cold death-grip and leave you to molder in a shallow unmarked grave, they pull you back just below the surface for even more cruel and unusual punishment. If every group in the genre were this capable and genuinely dedicated to perfecting their craft, the charts and airwaves as we know them wouldnt be hopelessly clogged with insipid Pop drivel. Trust me, my friends, if this one dont leave you battered, bruised and bloodied, then nothing--and I mean nothing--ever will."

"Fellow headbangers...(Insanity of the Obsessed) will level an entire city block with its lethal hurricane force sonic winds. This band certainly stand next to some of Death Metal's sickest names, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Cattle Decapitation. Warface is surely capable of some of the most punishing Death Metal known to the human ear as 'Insanity of the Obsessed' will bring you to your knees..."
- Explicitly Intense Magazine

"Death Metal done right..."

"As far as Death Metal goes, this is top notch. Really stunning in its macabre, gutteral, ten-ton sledgehammer quality."

Every Deathster should obtain this CD immediately!

"Warface has come to take over. Finally, a Death Metal band that doesn't sound like all the others with a sound so evil and violent you'll be hooked for life! The new breed of Heavy Music is here and Insanity Of The Obsessed is a crushing debut album which has sent shockwaves throughout the Heavy Metal industry. Warface's time is now."

"A brutal Death Metal trio out of San Diego that destroys everything in thier path!"
- Century Media Records

"When done right, the death metal power trio can be quite special; Krisiun, Hate Eternal, and Incantation have all found magic in threes. On its newest album, Insanity of the Obsessed, San Diego's Warface joins these ranks of evil triads. If blastbeats and death growls are the backs and receivers, Laura Christine is the band's quarterback, firing serrated riffs and fluid leads out of shotgun formation."

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