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Insanity of the Obsessed
New Warface CD
1. Judgement Defiled
2. Fatal Inequity
     »»Listen to the MP3 Clip
3. Full Term Refuse
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4. Insanity of the Obsessed
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5. Suppression of Heresy
6. Fragmented Salvation
7. Climatic Annhilation
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8. Out of Death
9. Induction

"(WARFACE) offers up some of the finest Death Metal America has to offer with their debut disc 'Insanity of the Obsessed'.
- PIT Magazine

"Pantera has a song on Cowboys from Hell called 'The Art of Shredding,' and it is difficult not to think of that phrase in the context of the fiery guitar hero riffs and solos of Warface's Laura Christine. Christine's guitar tone makes neck hairs stand at attention, and her soloing is as much about feeling as it is accomplished musicianship."
- OUTBURN Magazine

"[WARFACE's] 'Insanity of the Obsessed'...One of the genre's most talked about releases of the year! After building a name for themselves in the metalcore-happy SoCal region, expect this band to emerge in the North American extreme music sweepstakes."

"(WARFACE's) latest pure death foray is "Insanity of the Obsessed" and, in 2006, Death Metal ain't coming purer than this."
- BW & BK Magazine

"Easily the most imaginative and musically ambitious Death Metal release of the year..."

"Fellow headbangers...(Insanity of the Obsessed) will level an entire city block with its lethal hurricane force sonic winds. This band certainly stand next to some of Death Metal's sickest names, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Cattle Decapitation. Warface is surely capable of some of the most punishing Death Metal known to the human ear as 'Insanity of the Obsessed' will bring you to your knees ..."
- Explicitly Intense Magazine

"Death Metal done right..."

"As far as Death Metal goes, this is top notch. Really stunning in its macabre, gutteral, ten-ton sledgehammer quality."


Warface EP
1. Grovel
     »»Listen to the MP3 Clip
2. Mask Of Battle
     »»Listen to the MP3 Clip
3. Truth Of Suffering
     »»Listen to the MP3 Clip
4. The Hunted
     »»Listen to the MP3 Clip

"A little piece of all the major players that defined death metal is packed into one little three-piece [Warface]."   Metal Maniacs Magazine

"[WARFACE]...something that you donít see every day: Brutal Death Metal with not only a female guitarist, but in fact a female guitar hero!" METAL CURSE MAGAZINE

" one big metal machine. A Pleasure to listen to." METAL JUDGEMENT

"...a band that emphasizes proficiency at their instruments." CATTLE DECAPITATION - Josh Elmore

"I've listened to a lot of death metal and I'd have to honestly say that WARFACE is one of the best bands I've heard." WGCC 90.7FM-Jacob Lang-Batavia, New York

"Very Brutal, aggressive, and well written Death Metal." Entertainment
"Pounding, chunky death metal comparable to Morbid Angel and Dying Fetus...armed with a bevy of technical riffs and intricate solos...Warface are a brutally heavy three-piece with, surprise, a female guitar player." BW BK MAGAZINE
"Skull Crushing Riffs. Hyper Blast Beats. Pummeling Vocals. Top of the Food Chain..." KIOZ ROCK 105.3's FM -Norm Leggio-San Diego, California

"Musical, talented, and heavy as hell, Warface is a Southern Californian death metal anomaly and the undisputed masters of extreme and brutal musical anguish."

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